Jan 24, 2011

A couple of layouts to share...

Do you ever find your creative mojo just up & leaves on vacation, often at seemingly inconvenient times? I truly think I’m not alone on this. For me, I frequently find my troubles compound because I place incredibly high expectations on myself to create something "perfect". In these moments I often find myself "paralyzed" & unable to create anything. As the month of January has progressed I have continued to focus on my One Little Word, embrace, & I feel I have been successful at starting to appreciate my abilities & talents. I have also had to continuously remind myself that I do not need to be perfect & the reason I scrapbook is to preserve my memories. The result has been greater ease when creating… much to my delight.

double click on either layout to view up close
I am especially happy with how this 1st layout, Oh Eddy, came together. I used a favourite iPhone photo and documented the special memories I had from babysitting our good friends two girls for a couple of months back in the fall of last year.
I would love to know what often stymies your mojo & what do you do to bring it back?
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  1. Mine goes allllll the time. It gets to a point sometimes that I just feel like I'm collecting stuff and doing nothing with it...

    Then I just force myself to sit down and stare at things. Sometimes the pages sit for days, sometimes I get two done in a day. It depends. Taking an awesome picture always helps kickstart my pages too - usually the only way to get out of my funk!

    Love both your pages by the way :) I'm really digging the twine ( is it twine? ) you used on both.

  2. Awesome use of the bakers twine! Ya, I totallyuse my mojo all the time, and I don't force myself to scrapbook if I don't feel inspired. But sometimes that best way I find to get back into it is to just create a really simple layout.

  3. i trawl the net for inspirations.. etsy is a good place to start!

  4. Super cute layouts!
    Love the baker's twine and those little butterflies :)

    For me, once I get off the computer and just let myself scrap I am fine. I tend to get overwhelmed by two many projects!


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