Dec 23, 2010

I wish...

I wish I wasn't so insecure...
I wish I wasn't ashamed to tell people I have a blog. I wish I was at peace with the person I am and not constantly second guessing myself. I wish I was content.
I will be all of these things in 2011 and I know it will be a tough journey but I know I can do it.
I wish...

Dec 7, 2010


enjoying : blog hopping

scrapping : nothing at the moment but considering scrapping a photo of myself and my dad when I was 5

drinking : coffee w/ cream

wearing : pj pants & hubby's T-shirt

wondering : if I'll get the motivation/energy to get out of the house today

listening : to the sound of my happy pooches each chewing a new rawhide bone

pondering : whether I should go to Treasured Memories tonight for their Show & Tell

loving : that I have the week to myself ~ sometimes I just love being alone.

procrastinating : getting my grocery shopping done, blegh...