Jul 23, 2010

Digital Magic

Today is the day to venture into the digital world...

I made the move from a point & shoot to a DSLR over a month ago, so exciting, but now I want to do so much more with my photos. Hence the reason I have declared this the day I venture into new territory. It is definitely a place I have been meaning to explore but I keep putting it off as I thought I was unable to do anything because I don't own any "fancy" software. However, after listening to the Paperclipping Roundtable podcasts on iTunes I realized that playing with my photos to shrink 6 into a 4 x 6 is considered "hanky panky" in the digital world I decided I could take baby steps and get started now. Woo Hoo!
Side Note: If you've never had a chance to listen to the Paperclipping Roundtable I highly recommend it as they cover different scrapbooking related topics each week. I like that they are broad general themes & they usually have a guest on who relates to the topic of the week. I jump onto iTunes and listen to the episodes on my iPhone (at home, hooked up in the car, etc). All of the Roundtable discussions are FREE so check it out! -> link
I'll leave you with a favourite photo taken with my new camera.

Jul 5, 2010

Feeling Challenged

I'm posting a layout on my blog for the 1st time. The L/O is of my family: my fabulous hubby, & our 2 kids. Daisy, our beagle is on the left and Rosco, taking up almost all of Dad's lap, is our Basset Hound.
My greatest personal champions!
As I sit down at my table to scrap I find I'm often confronted with a feeling of anxiety that leaves me creatively blocked. From there I get lost in thought only to find I've been staring out the window as time quickly passes by. I feel overwhelmed by my massive collection of product & the desire to use all the wonderful things I have plus incorporate so many of the nifty techniques I have come across. Pile on top of that my expectation for nothing short of a "FANTASTIC" end product & you can see how I find myself in a place where my output is minimal. I have pretty much stuck to card making for just over a year now.

When I read a blog post by Ali Edwards this past February about One Little Word I was inspired. CREATE is the word I chose to focus on for this year. I am making a conscious effort to force the chatter in my brain to quiet as I sit down to create. I refuse to continue to give it power & let it distract me. I have also decided to choose 2 or 3 items to work with & stick with them, & go from there. The most important change to my approach is changing my mental focus to always be cognizant of the joy my hobby brings me and why I like doing it. I love scrapbooking because it is a way for me to tell the stories of my life . I don't scrapbook to receive accolades & approval from others. I do it to chronicle & record cherished memories of loved ones while playing with wonderful materials. For many years I had never considered myself "creative" & assumed I was "not that kind of person". I now realize I need to be patient with myself as I evolve & explore this side of myself. With time I'll continue to grow, experience more joy & less self doubt while trying out different creative endeavours.