Jun 26, 2009

Photo Fabulous - Lemonade Purchases

New Basic Grey Lines

Mmmm pure bliss was the emotion I felt Wednesday night as I logged onto my email and read the “What’s New” update from my LSS to discover they had the new BG line’s June Bug & Lemonade in stock. From the moment I had stumbled across the info BG was releasing 2 new lines & they were set to ship mid-June I have been waiting with baited breath. Just ask my husband. I actually squealed after telling him the news. I promptly checked the website of my favourite LSS, as they have a storewide 30% off sale this whole week, to see if they rec'd the product. Lets just say my hubby should feel extremely lucky I was able to contain my excitement as I felt like soda can that had been shaken and someone had just cracked me open.

Needless to say Thursday was a shop, shop, shopping day for me. I was in 7th heaven. Beautiful stuff. NOW!!!!! Let’s get down to business…

Signing off to go be a busy beaver. Happy weekend!

Jun 15, 2009

Scrapper's Block

Everyone is familiar with the term writer's block.  Well, I feel like I have scrapper's block and it is driving me crazy.  I am unable to tell if I am truly experiencing a "block" or if I am unable to keep focused on the task at hand.  There is also a part of me that feels I have spent too much time lately looking at layouts of very experienced scrapper's. This has left me feeling overwhelmed and intimidated. For days I'll pick up my pictures and fiddle with my chosen papers but go no further. I sit with my project staring me in the face and all I end up doing is organizing my supplies.  

MY GOAL FOR TODAY: Complete one page of my layout for the current booking I am working on. I will post my result tomorrow as incentive for myself to produce something.

I have to run now... got to get scrappin'...

Jun 5, 2009

1st Post

So what to post 1st? Well it turns out I chose the only project I have a pic of. Ha!
I can't take credit for idea, only it's execution, but my husband did say it was the card he liked best of all he has seen me do.  

It is a card I made for my Grandmother using paper from Basic Grey's Wisteria line.  When Basic Grey released 2 new lines in May this being one the other, Lime Rickey.  I almost dismissed this one as too pretty for my tastes but after making 4 cards using the Wisteria paper it has really grown on me. I even purchased some paper as part of a collection to one day do a personal inspirational scrapbook project for myself.