Jun 26, 2009

New Basic Grey Lines

Mmmm pure bliss was the emotion I felt Wednesday night as I logged onto my email and read the “What’s New” update from my LSS to discover they had the new BG line’s June Bug & Lemonade in stock. From the moment I had stumbled across the info BG was releasing 2 new lines & they were set to ship mid-June I have been waiting with baited breath. Just ask my husband. I actually squealed after telling him the news. I promptly checked the website of my favourite LSS, as they have a storewide 30% off sale this whole week, to see if they rec'd the product. Lets just say my hubby should feel extremely lucky I was able to contain my excitement as I felt like soda can that had been shaken and someone had just cracked me open.

Needless to say Thursday was a shop, shop, shopping day for me. I was in 7th heaven. Beautiful stuff. NOW!!!!! Let’s get down to business…

Signing off to go be a busy beaver. Happy weekend!

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