Jan 4, 2011

Bring On the New Year!


I’m not one for making New Years resolutions, however, this year I do have what I’d like to call “intentions” for January. My 1st intention is to start taking yoga classes regularly (3-5 X/wk) and the 2nd is to complete the January prompt for Ali Edwards’ Big Picture Class -> One Little Word (OLW).

I have purchased a 3-month pass to a nearby yoga studio and I am going to my 1st class on Thursday this week.

Second on my list I have selected EMBRACE as my OLW for 2011. Simply put… “I want to learn to be ME”. This sounds somewhat bizarre, I know, but in essence I want to “embrace” the person/characteristics that make me unique. I will endeavour to stay true to the person I am, not try to be something else and, stop second-guessing myself.

I came across Ali Edwards’ blog for the 1st time in March of last year. I immediately fell in love with the OLW concept and chose CREATE as my word. My word served me well in 2010. As it came time to select my 2011 word I realized my habit of second-guessing myself was is a persistent stumbling block to my creative process and personal happiness. I want to enjoy life and the creative process more; therefore, I need to learn to embrace all aspects of who I am. I’m excited for this journey =)

I leave you with a photo of a December creation by my hubby and myself. I love how these cookies turned out...

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