Jul 23, 2009

The Time Has Finally Come...

It is a small miracle but I have 2 cards to post to my blog. Since my last post I have also done a birthday card in addition to these 2 but it was completed last minute & I didn't have time to take a photo. I also didn't feel at the time that it was photo worthy. Thinking back now, I wish I had taken the time to grab a quick snapshot.
Oh well, I following 2 cards are complete so a blog post they shall be...

This card is part of a Basic Grey card kit that I jazzed up ever so slightly.
I feel iffy about this one. I'm undecided about it's success but my feeling is that a lot of my hesitation is due to the fact that this card was born of my own creative mind and I didn't use any other ideas as a jumping off place to start. Call it creative insecurity... so for that reason alone I am very proud of it.

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